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Hi I'm Steph!

Thank you for being here. I'm pumped you are taking the time to become beautiful to the core. 

I founded Beautiful to the Core in 2012 to share my passion for health & fitness. Though my journey to better myself began a few years earlier. Prior to that I fell into the trap of believing I had to run off my calories, eat as little as possible, and be a twig to be happy. Read about my breakup with cardio here.

Since then it has been a lovely journey of self growth: mentally & physically. I became a physical therapist, a pilates instructor, an internationally published fitness model, a bikini competitor, an online women's health & fitness coach, and a weightlifter.

Degrees: Bachelor of health science | Doctorate of physical therapy | STOTT pilates certified instructor.

My work has been featured in MAX Sports & Fitness magazine, Health & Fitness magazine, Scottsdale HEALTH magazine, Oxygen magazine, Pilates Style magazine, & many more. See my publications & press here.

You have landed here for a reason. You are searching for something. It's all yours if you work for it. True hard work and dedication to a lifetime of healthy habits will lead you there. I won't let you fail again. Have you tried the running, the fad diets, and starving yourself? Yea, I've been there. Let's get you out of that cycle and create a life full of happiness, health, and strength. Luckily for you, my passion lies in bringing out self confidence in other women by teaching them how to love their bodies again. I've got you and God's got you- so let's do this!

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Beautiful to the Core is a community of women who have built a foundation of health & happiness and seek true beauty thru strength.

MEET THE TEAM (my squad)

Zach Dorworth is Stephanie's outrageously handsome husband. He is originally from Cincinnati, OH, where the winters are cold, the spring is wet, and the humidity is plentiful. Upon completing high school he enlisted in the Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq shortly after. It was during this deployment where he ultimately discovered his passion for the iron, physical fitness, and helping others live a healthier lifestyle. After a four-year enlistment he moved to Arizona with Stephanie where he is currently a Pharmacist.

zachary dorworth

Zach Dorworth