Cellulite and Stretch Marks

cellulite on thighs

Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Ever since I was a teenager, I hated looking at my outer thighs. After going through my growth spurt I had developed cellulite on my thighs and stretch marks near my booty. I remember asking my mother if they would ever go away because I hated them. I felt self conscious about wearing a swimsuit because then everyone could see my silly, little cellulite and stretch mark lines. She of course told me they wouldn’t but I should learn to love them as one of the many little flaws that make me “me”. Kind of like how birthmarks, freckles, dimples, and wrinkles distinguish us. I, of course, brushed off her comment and went back to hating those darn lines.

Later in life, I realized my mother was right. Aren’t they always?

As my confidence has grown over the years, so has my appreciation for my imperfections. I am not perfect and I’m glad I’m not. Can you imagine the stress you’d be under if you always had to act and look flawless? No thanks. I like my yoga pants and hair in a bun days, thank you. Your imperfections make you even more beautiful.

How can I get rid of stretch marks and cellulite on my thighs? 

The honest answer is: you can’t. You could try different lotions and creams that claim to minimize them but they aren’t proven and they won’t get rid of them completely. In case you were wondering, there is no reason to go under the knife for this! Absolutely not! When it comes to cellulite, accept it.

You can decrease your cellulite deposits by decreasing your overall body fat percentage. You can do that with a good strength training program like Guns & Buns and by practicing HIIT cardio, instead of running.

Today’s goal: Learn to love that cellulite, girl!

Some truths about cellulite and stretch marks

TRUTH: Most women develop it after puberty, especially in the pelvic and thigh region.

TRUTH: Even thin women have it.

TRUTH: Even supermodels have it.

TRUTH: It doesn’t make you any less beautiful.

TRUTH: Guys really don’t care.

True story: I always felt weird that I had only one dimple on the right side of my face and not the left. So what did my husband start doing? He started kissing it everyday and telling me all the time how much he loves it. My nickname is “uni-dimp” and I love him for loving all of me.

Same thing goes for the cellulite on your thighs or legs. Own it. Accept that you have cellulite and learn to love it. If you’re confident and love your body, your partner will love your adorable imperfections too.

Don’t let cellulite bother you. You’re the only one that cares about it. Take that fear you have about someone seeing it and throw it away girl!

Even fitness models have cellulite.

I’ve collected some photos posted by models of their imperfections. On social media, we all tend to share pictures that only show us at our best, with our best outfit, and our best angle. However, it’s time to be honest. We aren’t perfect, despite what it may seem.

Even celebrities own it. Sandra Bullock said “It’s nature. Without it, you’re not human.” (See Related: 17 Celebrities Share How They Really Feel About Their Cellulite

I have cellulite and stretch marks. 

cellulite thighs

Fitness model Nicole Mejia shared her imperfections to inspire her followers on social media. 

nicole mejia cellulite

photo credit: @nicole_mejia

Fitness entrepreneur Kayla Itsines posted this picture of her stretch marks to prove she loves them!

Kayla itsines cellulite

Photo credit: @kayla_itsines

Fitness entrepreneur Chady Dunmore recently shared her photoshoot picture with thigh cellulite to prove that even she isn't perfect...even though she's stunning.

cellulite stretch marks

photo credit: _chady_

Super model Chrissy Teigen isn’t afraid to share her stretch marks. She even jokes about them! 

Chrissy teigen cellulite

photo credit: @chrissyteigen

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Be strong, be confident, be beautiful.

To work on boosting your self love, happiness, and confidence, here are a few of my favorite reads:

Focus on what you love about yourself. There’s a lot to LOVE. #selflove

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