The Total Body Treadmill Workout

total body treadmill workout

The Total Body Treadmill Workout

Today I am sharing my brand new Treadmill workout video!

Who is this workout for? This is perfect for you, whenever you are traveling and your hotel gym includes a treadmill and not much else.

Instead of just running like there's no tomorrow, how about we mix things up and have some fun on the treadmill!

Of course, you can do bodyweight exercises and even use a couch in your hotel room to workout. Gotta stay fit while traveling.​

Then when you're ready for some fun circuits on the treadmill, hop to it! Here we go!​

total body treadmill workout

​I am going to show you ten fun exercises to do on the treadmill- which alternate cardio and strengthening.

I recommend you perform each exercise for thirty seconds and complete 2-3 circuits of the whole program.​

Here it is....the workout video!

Ten Treadmill Exercises

  1. Walking hip extensions- to build the booty
  2. Dips- to strengthen the triceps
  3. Side Carioca- to work the obliques (abs) and legs
  4. Pushups- to build the chest
  5. Side Shuffles - to strengthen the hip abductors (outer hips)
  6. Inverted rows with underhand - to build the biceps and back
  7. Single leg lift pushups - to work your chest and core (by balancing)
  8. Walking bridges- to build your booty and hamstrings
  9. Walking planks- to strengthen your shoulders and core
  10. Deadmills- to burn fat with HIIT (high intensity interval training)

Want more workouts?? Head on over to my YouTube Channel to checkout the latest & greatest. Need a treadmill? Checkout some of the best here.

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