The Ultimate Gym Bag List

ultimate gym bag list

The Ultimate Gym Bag List

If you love working out and find your gym has become your second home, like I have, then you'll understand when I say you need a bomb gym bag. And not just any gym bag: the ultimate gym bag that will keep you prepared for any strength training program (especially awesome ones created by Beautiful to the Core).

I am going to show you what you need to do to be over-prepared and always ready for a great workout. Trust me, you don't want to miss this.

My gym bag packing list below will save you lots of time, plenty of hand calluses, and will keep you feeling refreshed.

I will categorize these gym bag items as "must have" or "nice to have" so you can prioritize what to buy first if you're on a budget. 

The "must have" items are essential for all lady lifters. The nice to have items may be more appropriate for women who have more experience lifting. 

PS- If you are an aspiring bikini competitor, you will want to be prepared by using this gym bag packing list. They will make bootybuilding and putting on muscle more attainable.​

Enough intro, let's get right to the list!​


  1. A gym bag large enough to hold everything listed below, preferably cute like these.
  2. A small towel to wipe off sweat on yourself or equipment
  3. A water bottle or shaker cup to fill with water, pre-workout, or a protein shake
  4. Headphones & iPod/Phone to block out the non-sense and listen to motivating beats
  5. Journal or Workout Plan to stay focused on your workout and possibly track it
  6. Pen/Pencil to track your workout and sign autographs from all your fans (jk)
  7. Stopwatch / Timer to time your sets and/or rest breaks
  8. Freshen Up: Deodorant, Chapstick, Hairbrush, Lotion to freshen up before or after
  9. Resistance Bands to add a challenge to any exercise (especially if you're traveling!) 
  10. Post-workout Snacks to recover from your intense sweat sesh 

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  1. Wrist Wraps for extra wrist stability with squats and bench press
  2. Lifting Pads to hold while lifting dumbbells, barbells, bars, etc to prevent calluses (I won't lift without these...I'm a spoiled princess)
  3. Weight Belt for improved lumbar stability with squats and deadlifts
  4. Squat Shoes to wear when squatting (see squat video)
  5. Thick Bands to do exercises like banded hip thrusts and assisted pull-ups (see video)
  6. BFR Straps to do blood flow restricted training on your arms (what is BFR?)
  7. Squat Sponge for extra hip padding with barbell hip thrusts (see video example)
  8. Tripod for filming yourself in the gym to do form checks of your lifts or simply to take selfies, duh
  9. Cute Workout Clothes look good, feel good, right?
  10. Gym Wedding Ring so you don't ruin your fancy, expensive wedding ring

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bikini competition coach

I hope my list was helpful. Let me know what you thought below!

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